TropoGo is a Deep-Tech start-up, working on Realtime Risk Management platform for Smart and connected products of the future. We are starting with Drones as we are convinced that it is the test bed for tomorrow's AirTaxi & Drone Delivery market.

Our ambition is to develop an Interoperable & Fungible Open Source Platform to democratize data for Co-Innovation.

In short, there is a job to be done!


Innovate - Orchestrate
- Integrate

Develop Risk-First

Train them Young &
Watch them Grow

Meet the team

Simply stated, it is less me and more we.

Sandipan Sen

Founder & Product Owner

Subrata Ghosh

VP & Head of Engineering

Bikramjit Dey

Product Manager

Titir Bhattacharyya

Head of Project Management

VIkas Rawat

UX Lead

Anay Das

Senior software engineer

Sayan Banerjee

Data Science - Intern

Arnav Bhagawati

UX Designer

Pratik Verma

Marketing Manager

Saptarshi Pal

Junior Data Scientist

Shreya Ghosh

Data Science - Intern

This could be you


Mentors & Advisors

Debashish Banerjee

Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya