West Bengal Polls: Election Commission to Use Drones to Ensure Fair Elections in Gosaba

01 April 2021 | 3 min read
EC to use drones to ensure fair elections in Gosaba

April 1, 2021: During the second phase of the Assembly polls that are scheduled to start today, the Election Commission plans to use 9 drones for aerial surveillance of the 9 islands that come under the Gosaba Assembly constituency.

As per a report by The Telegraph, on Wednesday, the officials of Baruipur police district already conducted successful trial runs of the drones at strategic locations, so that they can be used seamlessly when the polling begins on Thursday.

Gosaba is one of the key delta islands of Sundarbans and also the last inhabited place ahead of the dense forest. The riverine location makes the islands vulnerable to goons' visits. Thus, the Election Commission has leveraged drone technology to guarantee peaceful and fair elections. The pictures sent by the drones will be strictly monitored by the police. The drones will also keep a close watch on all the polling stations that are identified by the Election Commission.

Meanwhile, in Nandigram, meticulous planning has become the norm in terms of booth preparations, leaving nothing to chance. For this, drones and helicopters have been deployed to keep strict vigil during the second phase of polls. Moreover, security personnel and cops have also been deployed.

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