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Comparison of Drone
Insurance Types

What is it? The third-party policy covers liabilities that arise in case of damages you cause to others' lives and property. Comprehensive policy covers liabilities that arise in case of damages to others' lives and property. It also covers damages to you and your drone (including natural calamities)
Damage to Third-Party
Legal Compliance
Theft/Fire/Natural Disasters
Own Damage
Value for money (in case of accident)
Suitable for drone operations that are less likely to cause significant self-damage and associated financial loss Preferred for most business cases as it provides extensive coverage along with the provision to take add-ons as per requirement

Drone Insurance
Add-On Covers

Add-on covers are additional benefits that you can add to your insurance policy. These add-ons increase your premium but at the same time decrease any financial burden that you are likely to incur in case of an accident. It is therefore advised to purchase add ons based on your drone operation requirements.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)
All approved Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone operations must consider this insurance add-on. Avail TropoGo’s guidance to customize cover your BVLOS flights.
Night Flying Cover
Best suited for drone flights that take place between sunset and sunrise.
Training/RPTO Cover
An RPTO or a drone training institute can opt in for a training cover for the training drones, making the training procedure safe for students and other stakeholders.

Drone Insurance Advisor

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Here are the insurances that you should look for your operations:
Third Party Liability
Beyond Visulal Line of Sight
Night Flying
Based on Project
RPTO / Training
Not Required

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Policies are underwritten by TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz & National Insurance.

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Flexible Plans

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Flexible Plans

India’s First & Most
Trusted Drone
Insurance Partner

Policies are underwritten by TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz & National Insurance.

We Bond with the Best!

Extended Coverage

Less Sales,
More Solutions

We work with you to find the best Insurance solution for you. We understand drones.

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Our premiums are affordable, transparent and the lowest. Min Price, Max Coverage!

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Flexible Plans

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TropoGo app goes beyond insurance. We don't just ensure, we empower!

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Frequently Asked Questions

About TropoGo

Drone Insurance

Buying Drone insurance


What does TropoGo as a company do?

TropoGo is the leading InsureTech Startup of commercial drones in the Indian market. It is trusted by 10000+ Drone Pilots and issues 90% of the Drone Insurance Policies of India. TropoGo is trusted by plenty of people who are delighted with the insurance quotes and the other drone safety-related tools and services in India.

Do you have an app?

TropoGo app (available on Apple and Android devices) is free to use and delivers rich and accurate safety drone flying tools ranging from Drone Log Book, Log Analyzer, Flying Checklist, AirSherpa Drone Maps, location of low flying manner flights, dynamic restrictions, environmental conditions and other privacy and safety hazards to real-time information on Jobs and projects related to Drones and services.

Is TropoGo approved by IRDAI for selling Insurance?

Yes, TropoGo is a licensed corporate agent by IRDAI and are authorised to sell insurance

Is Drone Insurance mandatory in India?

As per Drone Rules 2021, DGCA has Mandated Drones insurance in India, it is, therefore, a legal requirement to obtain a commercial third-party liability drone insurance policy if you are undertaking commercial operations

What are the types of Drone Insurance?

There are two types of drone insurance.
Third-party liability: Protect you from damages that your drones have caused to any third person but don’t protect the damages that happen to your own drones
Comprehensive: Protects you from physical damages that happen to your drones and also includes third-party liability

Do I have to insure my drone and equipment?

No, you can choose to insure for just the third-party liability only as per your wish. You can always add any equipment to the policy at a later date if need be.

Can you insure my Drone?

As long as you are flying within the new rules and regulations and have all relevant permissions/qualifications/licences that are required for commercial drone flying, our policy will cover you.

Do you cover the drone when it is in flight?

Yes. We cover the drone whilst it is in flight.

Do you insure drones used for training purposes?

Yes. We insure training drones for your RPTO (Remote Pilot Training Organisation). You can opt for a Third-Party or Comprehensive insurance. You could also include add-ons like Night Flying and BVLOS, depending on your training scenario.

I am a recreational flier. How do I buy a policy?

The DGCA has specific regulations for commercial and recreational fliers. As of today, drone insurance is not available for purchase to recreational fliers.

Can I insure my drone for less than 12 months?

We are updating our hourly insurance policy and therefore it is not available currently to purchase. Once available, you will be able to choose policy durations from either 1-6 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. When your period of cover expires, you can log back in to extend it for another period or buy a new policy.

Can I amend my policy during the period of cover?

We have offered flexibility to make changes to minor, unintentional & typing mistakes. Your name, address and contact detail corrections are allowed. A revised endorsement certificate will be sent on your registered email ID. Just get in touch with us, we will amend your policy and issue new documents to you as necessary.

How can I cancel my certificate of insurance?

You can cancel your coverage before the risk start time as per certificate of Insurance. Just get in touch with us and we will help you with cancellation.

Once opted, your insurance coverage will be cancelled and refund amount will be credited back to you in 3 - 4 working days.

Are there any restrictions regarding the number of flying hours?

No. You can operate your drone(s) as much or as little as you like.

Are there any restrictions for high-risk premises or flying indoors?

No, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

Do you provide any cover whilst in training?

Not as of yet. We are working with our insurance partners and will make it available shortly.

Where is my drone insured?

Your drone is covered anywhere within India. Please ensure that you comply with the local/DGCA Drone regulations.

Can you cover more than one Operator on one policy?

Yes, there is no restriction to the number of Operators we can cover on one policy. Your policy insures the business and so you can add as many Operators and drones as you like.

Is cover provided for flying over water and offshore?

Yes, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

Will I be covered for a flyaway or disappearance?

Yes, policy coverage would extend to disappearance which would include the term ‘flyway’

Am I covered if I fly at night?

Yes, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations and would have to disclose the same while purchasing the policy as an add-on to the default policy.

Can someone else fly my drone?

Yes, if they are fully qualified and licensed, working for your business, and they are included under your Operations Manual.

Are you able to offer discounts?

We work hard to keep our premiums as low as possible, whilst also maintaining a high level of coverage. We don’t offer specific discounts, but instead, choose to offer all our clients our best prices.

How do I make a claim?

Once you purchase a policy, you will be provided with a toll-free number. For claims, you can raise a request to this toll-free number or get in touch with the insurer through email id as mentioned in the policy document.

I’ve made a claim, what happens to my policy?

This would depend upon the coverage amount of your policy. As long as you don’t exhaust the coverage amount, your policy would be in force.

I have a coverage of 20 Lakhs. My first claim was for 10 lakhs. Can I still make claim for 10 lakhs in the same year?

Yes, you can do that.

Know your
Drone Insurance

What is drone insurance?

Drone Insurance pays for the repair/replacement cost for the physical damages of your drone due to a crash. It also pays the penalties and other associated costs when your drone crashes on the property of any other individual or physically injures him/her.

As a drone insurance buyer in India, it is critical for you to understand your drone usage and the benefits of the policy.

What is commercial drone insurance?

Commercial drone pilots need drone insurance. A pilot caught flying an uninsured drone for commercial purposes is liable to pay penalties and fines.

Commercial drone insurance policies vary between providers, but mostly include personal/public liability cover protecting a pilot from claims made by a third person. Additionally, it includes covers such as Drone Damages, Third-party Liability, damages to the Payload Cameras & Lidars, Drone Delivery & BVLOS operations and Transit Cover

Do you need to insure your drone in India?

The use of drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) have increased significantly over the last couple of years. Businesses are now using UAVs for commercial purposes including Crop Science, Mapping, Filming, Photography and Surveillance to name a few and are using such technology to advance their services. DGCA & Ministry of Civil Aviation has recognised the considerable growth in this sector and the risks associated with the use of UAVs/ Drones and have mandated Drones Insurance for any Flight Operations in India. Technically, everyone with a drone needs to have Third-Party liability insurance, to protect themselves from financial losses which arise due to a claim from anyone on whom your drone has crashed.

However, an object with a weight of around 10 kgs and falling from a height of 200 metres would have immense kinetic energy and acceleration. This could cause unfortunate damages upon landing. A Drone could crash even if it is being flown by the most experienced pilot. This could be due to a malfunctioning battery or a faulty rotor blade. Therefore, it is important to get drones insured and get covered against financial damages.

What does drone insurance cover?

Drone insurance covers physical damages to a drone, or claims made when the drone may have accidentally damaged a third person or his/her property. For instance, if a drone accidentally lands on a third person’s car- the insurance policy not only pays for the damages that happens to the drone but also covers the damages that the drone may have caused to the car.
In Partnership with India’s leading insurance providers, namely- TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz and National Insurance, TropoGo has developed a Tailor Made Drone insurance for India and Indian Drone Ecosystem to cover third party liability, physical loss and/or damage and premises, products and hangar keepers liability for commercial UAV operators.
It usually covers:

  • Drone hull insurance for physical damage to the machine, cameras, sensors and control stations
  • Aviation third party legal liability insurance for drones and flight models
  • Cover for aerial system, remote control and additional equipment (e.g. camera, surveying equipment)
  • Flight accidents
  • Damage by direct impact of lightning strike, landslide, earthquake, rock - fall, high water, flooding, hail, avalanches, snow pressure, storm, fire and explosion
  • Theft, robbery and unauthorized use by persons outside the company

What is Third-Party liability insurance?

A Third-party is an unrelated person in a drone operation. This person could be any random person on the street or a house owner from the neighbourhood. Any damages that happen to this “third person” or to his/her property due to your drone operation is covered under Third-Party Liability Insurance.

Purchasing the lowest cover is enough to comply with the law and suitable for most fliers. It is however recommended that commercial drone operators consider higher value third-party covers. Claims arising due to serious damages to a third party can be high and basic cover may not be sufficient. Such situations are likely and may pose a significant financial risk to commercial drone operations and profitability.

What is accidental drone damage insurance? How can I purchase it?

An accidental damage insurance provides coverage if you lose or damage your drone aircraft.

To make a purchase for this insurance, you have to opt for a comprehensive policy available on the TropoGo website or app. This policy not only covers your accidental damages but also protects you from third-party damage claims.

Any attached payload (cameras, sensors) to the drone can be more valued as compared to the value of the drone itself. The payloads can be insured by purchasing an additional endorsement. Therefore, it is recommended to specify the payloads attached to the drone while purchasing the damage insurance.

Why should you buy drone insurance?

Drone insurance offers a lot of benefits to fliers and businesses -

Protection against third-party liabilities - Provides cover for bodily injuries/disability/death and property damages to a third party. The maximum limit for third-party property damage is Rs. 7.5 lakh, however, there is no maximum compensation limit in case of bodily injuries/disability/death.

Protection against own damages - Provides cover for own damage expenses. Drone flight unknown risks, in-flight damages, damages due to natural causes, man-made disasters, fire, theft, and transit can be covered to better protect finances.

Legal compliance and a mandate for commercial operations - As per Indian drone rules, all drones except nano category drones are required to obtain at least third-party insurance before commencing commercial drone operations. Failure to comply with the law may result in -
  • Suspension/cancellation of pilot license
  • Penal action as per applicable laws
  • Bearing the cost of damages from your pocket

What are the common reasons for drone insurance claims?

  • Pilot error
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss of data link
  • Fly away
  • Accidental loss
  • Mechanical failure
  • Bird strike
  • Loss of power
  • Weather
  • Theft

How much does drone insurance cost?

The premium of drone insurance typically costs in the range of 0.5 to 10% of the sum insured. Factors that decide the premium are -

  • Type of drone insurance
  • Age of the drone
  • Type, size and features of drone
  • Original price of the drone and current perceived value
  • Type of drone operations for which the insurance is being purchased
  • Flying location and conditions
  • Pilot’s flying experience and claim history
  • Hours of intended operation

Why are timely renewals important?

As is the case with all types of insurance, timely renewal of your drone insurance is vital. Missed renewals lead to legal compliance issues and financial risks that arise due to non-coverage. In the event of an unfortunate incident during a non-coverage period, claims raised will not be honored by the insurer.