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Welcome to TropoGo online SkyStore for drone parts in India. Our suppliers specialize in providing a wide range of drone parts, including propellers, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), and drone batteries. Whether you are an individual seeking to upgrade your drone or a company looking for reliable drone parts, our extensive selection and commitment to quality make us the go-to destination for all your drone part needs in India. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect components to enhance the performance and durability of your drone.

Frequently Asked

Where to buy drone parts near me?
You can buy drone parts online, at TropoGo. Feel free to order individual parts or in bulk. Get delivery assurance and exclusive discounts.
What are the drone parts that I can order?
You can order drone components like frame, arms & landing gear (carbon fibre tubes), flight controller, motors, propellers, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), battery, charger, radio transmitter and receiver.
Can I mix and match different brands of drone parts?
Yes, you can mix and match different brands of drone parts. However, do ensure compatibility between the components. Check their specifications, connectors, and compatibility with the flight controller.
How do I choose the right size of propellers for my drone?
The selection of propeller size depends on various factors such as motor size, frame size, payload, and desired performance. Refer to motor and frame specifications to determine the appropriate propeller size range for your drone.
How do I determine the appropriate battery for my drone?
The selection of drone battery depends on several factors, including voltage, capacity, and discharge rate. Assess the power needs of your drone by taking into consideration the motors, as well as other electronic components and the power needs during flight.
Where can I find reputable suppliers for drone parts?
Drone part suppliers on TropoGo are highly reputed in the Indian drone market. These parts are fit for high endurance drone flights.
Can I assemble my own drone by purchasing parts online?
You can assemble your drone, however you will require Type Certification by DGCA in order to fly commercially.
What is the replacement policy if I receive defective drone parts?
In case of manufacturing defects, you can contact the part manufacturer for replacement.

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