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We've Got You Covered: Hospicash - Daily Cash Allowance for Hospitalization
Cover your financial losses in case of hospitalization, ICU or Day Care treatment with Daily Cash Allowance
Cash Allowance
Daily Cash allowance in case of hospitalization.
Get ₹ 2000 - ₹ 4000/day

Two plans to choose from
ICU Cash
2X the daily allowance will be provided to the insured in case of ICU admission
Day Care Cash
One day allowance will be provided to the insured in case of a day care treatment carried out in the day care centre.
7 Days
Get daily cash allowance for upto 7 days of Hospitalization
1 Time Usage
Valid for 1 time/year
Covered person should be between 18-65 age
Tailored Plans Crafted Exclusively for Your Unique Needs and Preferences
Bajaj Allianz
Freedom Cash 2K
Recommended for most users
Plan Duration
1 Year
Cover Amount
₹ 2,000/Day
What is Covered?
₹ 2,000/Day
₹ 2,000
₹ 4,000
Maximum Benefit Days
7 Days
Bajaj Allianz
Freedom Plus Cash 4K
Maximum cash allowance cover
Plan Duration
1 Year
Cover Amount
₹ 4,000/Day
What is Covered?
₹ 4,000/Day
₹ 4,000
₹ 8,000
Maximum Benefit Days
7 Days
Protect Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Get Daily Cash Allowance for Hospitalization via Our App.
Three Steps to Safeguard your finances with Daily Cash Allowance Insurance:
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Login with OTP using mobile
number or email

Go to Insurance Tab
Select Daily Cash Allowance for
Hospitalization and choose your plan

Review & Purchase
Confirm your details and
make the payment

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How to make a claim
To register a claim you can take one of the following options:
1. Call & register your claim at Bajaj Allianz toll free support number
3. Intimate claim over email
5. Send Claims form to
Documents for claim
For Cash Allowance for Hospitalization
  • Duly completed claim form signed by the insured.
  • Medical fitness certificate from treating doctor mentioning the type and period of hospitalization
  • All medical reports like X-Ray film etc
  • Salary Slip
  • Other documents as required
Frequently Asked
What is Hospicash - daily cash allowance insurance for hospitalization?

Hospicash or Daily cash allowance insurance provides a fixed sum of money to the policyholder for each day of hospitalization.

What is the purpose of Hospicash-daily cash allowance insurance?

Drone pilots, like any other professional, face risks while performing their duties. The purpose of Hospicash - daily cash allowance insurance is to provide additional financial support to the policyholder during hospitalization. This money can be used to cover additional expenses that are not covered by regular health insurance, such as loss of income during the hospitalization period or other miscellaneous expenses.

What does Hospicash - daily cash allowance insurance include?

Hospicash-Daily Cash Allowance insurance covers daily cash allowance of Rs 2000/Rs 4000(depending on the chosen plan) for each day of hospitalization, for a maximum of 7 days. It also includes one day allowance for day care treatment carried out in a day care centre and Two times the daily benefit (Rs 4000/Rs8000) will be provided in case of continuous and completed period of 24 Hours in the ICU of the Hospital.

Does Hospicash - daily cash allowance insurance cover accidents outside of drone piloting?

Yes, Hospicash-Daily Cash Allowance Insurance covers all hospializations including but not limited to drone piloting.

How does Hospicash-daily cash allowance insurance complement other drone insurance policies?

Hospicash-Daily Cash Allowance insurance complements liability insurance for drones. While liability insurance covers damage to third parties,Daily Cash Allowance  insurance focuses on the financial well being of the drone pilot & professionals in case of hospitalization.

Are there any exclusions in Hospicash-daily cash allowance insurance?

Exclusions may vary, but common exclusions can include pre-existing diseases(with waiting period), diagnostics and investigative process, rest cure, rehabilitation and respite care, weight control, change of gender treatment, unproven treatments and maternity. Read the documentation for full list of exclusions before policy purchase.

Is Hospicash-daily cash allowance insurance mandatory for drone pilots?

Hospicash-Daily cash allowance insurance for drone pilots is not mandatory but is highly recommended to protect against unforeseen accidents and financial liabilities arising thereby.