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Job17 Nov 2023

Flight Operator / Drone Pilot



Job type

Full time


Job Description

  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Aerospace Engineering or Prior experience working with fixed-wing aircraft. Understanding of DGCA Drone Operation Regulations. A Drone Pilot license from a DGCA-certified training institute is preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and preferably the local language. 
  • Capability to stay focused during extended flight operations. Readiness to travel as and when required. Understanding of Hybrid-VTOL and Multirotor UAVs Flight envelope. 
  • Understanding of Drone Operations Safety Standards and Risk Mitigation Strategies. 
  • Understanding of Pixhawk and Arducopter/PX4 firmware.
  • Understanding of Flight Planning and Ground Control Stations. Hands-on Experience in troubleshooting UAV electro-mechanical systems. Firm understanding of business applications like Word, excel, PPT, web browsers, etc.
  • Authentic 2 or 4-wheeler driving license. WHAT YOUR ROLES WILL BE Accountable for the safe and cooperative execution of each flight, which entails managing all preflight planning and briefings that include weather and airspace information. 
  • Ensuring effectively the daily operations persist from everyday UAV inspections for maintenance requirements to checking batteries for charging status, and ensuring that flight missions are recorded and packed for the day. Initiation, monitoring, diversion, and termination of a flight in compliance with all documented policies, and procedures including the issuance of commands to Redwinglabs when appropriate. 
  • Liable for the safe assembly of drones in preparation for flights, performing critical checks, communicating with Redwing Labs controllers in readiness for flight, and launching and disassembling drones on return to the PHCs. 
  • Responsible for following the troubleshooting guidelines for the drones and ground equipment and being in constant communication with the headquarters to update them regularly on respective troubleshooting and optimizing issues. Active involvement in the Hub projects that involve collaboration across departments. 
  • Establish flight plans and check for any potential hazards—document, Organise, and Analyse the Pre-flight, Mid-flight, and Post-flight Logs. 
  • Maintain constant Coordination with the ground crew, payload handlers, PHC staff, and other govt. Staff. Participate in monthly safety meetings, emergency drills, and recurrent training. 
  • Maintain constant communication with Headquarters with respect to any update. 

  • Ability to Identify, Evaluate, and Record Risks and implement the new findings. 
  • Excitement to impExcitement to improve upon Drone Operations procedures and brainstorm new ideas. Good consistent communication to ensure the team is focused on realizing the Safety Standards. 
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