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Job21 Nov 2023

UAV Pilot



Job type

Full time


Job Description

  • Responsibilities: Safely operate and maneuver drones in various environments, including controlled testing facilities, outdoor locations, and potentially in challenging conditions (e.g., high winds, extreme temperatures). 
  • Assess the flight characteristics, stability, maneuverability, and responsiveness of drones during test flights, paying attention to safety, efficiency, and adherence to specifications.
  •  Keep detailed records of flight tests, documenting any observed issues, anomalies, or potential improvements. Prepare comprehensive reports and present findings to the engineering and design teams.
  • Work closely with engineers, designers, and technicians to communicate test results and provide input for the refinement of drone designs, control systems, and software.
  •  Assess the performance and integration of various onboard systems and payloads, such as cameras, sensors, communication equipment, and data collection devices. 
  • Contribute to the development of test plans, procedures, and safety protocols. Identify potential risks and propose mitigation strategies. 
  • Collaborate with technical teams to diagnose and resolve issues related to flight control systems, software, and hardware components.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in drone technology, flight regulations, and best practices to ensure compliance and enhance testing methodologies. 
  • Strong understanding of UAV behaviour, SOPs and experience in UAV flying and emergency recovery. 
  • Executing non standard experimental tests with utmost equipment safety. 
  • On-field troubleshooting, debugging and Hand-on experience in firmware update, autopilot settings update etc. 
  • Keep detailed records of flight tests, documenting and observing issues, anomalies, or potential improvements.
  • User experience validation for new product development.
  • Contribute to the development of test plans, procedure and safety protocols. Identify potential risks and propose mitigation strategies.

  • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., aerospace engineering etc) or equivalent work experience. Previous experience as a drone pilot or in a similar role is preferred. Familiarity with UAV technology, flight dynamics, and control systems is a plus.
  • Proficient in flying different types of drones, such as multirotor, fixed-wing, and hybrid systems. 
  • Strong understanding of flight principles and ability to fly drones manually and autonomously. 
  • Knowledge of drone hardware components, flight control systems, and software interfaces.
  •  Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose technical issues related to drones. Familiarity with data analysis tools and flight log analysis is a plus.
  •  Adherence to safety protocols and knowledge of relevant drone regulations. 
  • Ability to assess potential risks and take appropriate safety measures. 
  • Understanding of airspace restrictions and the ability to obtain necessary permits for flight tests.

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