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Job23 Feb 2024

RPAS/UAV/Drone Pilot

Hella Infratech

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job type

Full time


Job Description

About Company :

Hella Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Is an India origin drone mapping survey company with a team of highly experienced aviation and GIS professionals. Having expertise in UAVs, GIS, and land survey prospecting enables us to acquire real-time, highly accurate and rapid results with less human interventions. We specialize in autonomous data acquisition, concurrent data feeds with accurate survey, GIS data conversion and migration, GIS solutions, photogrammetry mapping services, asset inspections with thermal imaging, site surveillance with live monitoring, web GIS development etc.

We are looking for a drone operator is to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the purpose of collecting data, taking photographs and videos for a variety of purposes such as aerial surveys, mapping and security. Duties of a drone operator include preparing the UAV for flight, monitoring the flight to ensure safety and efficiency, and analyzing the collected data. The role also involves maintenance of the UAVs, ensuring that they are in good working order, and keeping up to date with changes to regulations and new technologies.

Pre-flight Checks:

Conduct thorough pre-flight checks to ensure the drone is in proper working condition. This includes inspecting the drone's components, checking battery levels, verifying GPS signal, and confirming the functionality of all systems.

Flight Planning:

Develop a flight plan that outlines the mission objectives, route, and altitude considerations. Consider airspace regulations, weather conditions, and any specific requirements for the mission.

Drone Operation:

Safely operate the drone during the flight, following established protocols and adhering to relevant laws and regulations. This includes monitoring flight parameters, controlling the drone's movements, and maintaining situational awareness throughout the flight.

Emergency Response:

Be prepared to respond to emergencies or unexpected situations during the flight. This includes having contingency plans in place, such as emergency landing procedures or actions to mitigate potential risks.

Data Collection:

Ensure accurate data collection according to mission requirements. This involves using the drone's onboard sensors or payload to capture high-quality imagery, videos, or other data as needed.


Maintain clear and effective communication with the copilot, ground crew, and any other relevant personnel during the flight. This includes relaying important information, coordinating actions, and responding to instructions or feedback.

Compliance and Documentation:
Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and obtain necessary permissions or permits for the flight. Maintain proper documentation of flight logs, mission reports, and any other required records

DGCA Certified Drone Pilot (Required).

Minimum of 2 - 4 years of experience in drone operation, surveying, mapping and security.

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