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DGCA-certified, Small, Training at Clearskies ,Bangalore

DGCA Certified Remote Pilot Certification Course
Course Details
Course Type
Course Start Date
2 Oct 2023
Course Duration
5 Days
Drone Type
Drone Category
Course Eligibility/Requirements

To enrol for the DGCA-Certification Course, you need to meet the following minimum criteria:

1. Minimum 10th Pass & 18 years of age

2. Valid Passport & Aadhar card

3. Medical Fitness Certificate from a certified MBBS Doctor

4. Aadhar linked with your phone number and email address

5. Class 10th marksheet

After successfully completing the training and creating your Digital Sky Profile, the RPTO will generate your Remote Pilot Certificate on DGCA's Digital Sky Platform within 05 - 07 days.



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Who should get this course
Beginner PilotsExperienced PilotsStudentsContent CreatorsTechniciansDevelopersEngineersHobbyist
Course Trainers
Capt Binay Kumar Nischal
Accountable Manager & Drone Instructor at Clearskies
20 years experience
A former airline pilot, Capt. Nischal brings his extensive experience in aviation but also a strong sense of rigour and discipline from his years in manned aviation. This background greatly influences his training approach, as he instils these principles into the training programs under his purview. In his role as an Drone instructor and accountable manager, he ensures the highest standards of compliance and safety demonstrates exceptional dedication to ensuring compliance and safety within the training operations.
Refund Policy
  • Full refund will be issued if cancellations are done prior to 7 days of commencement of course or the institute cancels the batch due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • 30% of the course fees will be deducted from the total course fees paid if an enrollee decides to quit after commencement of the course.
  • No refunds for no show or cancellation without prior intimation.
  • Refunds might take upto 4 weeks to get credited into the enrollee's bank account.
What you will learn

  • Online Classes

- Drone Rules & Stakeholders

- Basic Principles of Flight

- ATC Procedures & Radio Telephony

- Fixed-wing and Rotorcraft Operations

- Hybrid Operations

  • Online Classes

- Weather and Meteorology

- Drone Equipment Maintenance

- Risk Assessment & Analysis

- Payload, Installation, and Utilization

- Intro to Drone Data & Analysis


  • Theory Test

- Ground Training

  - Identification of drone parts

  - Assembling and de-assembling

  - Minor maintenance & handling

  - Ground control station training

  - Flight logging & documentation, etc.

- Simulator Training

  - Introduction to Flight Simulator

  - Sim Familiarization Controls Check

  - Pre-Flight Checks

  - Take Off Hover Cruise

  - Approach Go Around & Landing Post Flight Checks

  - Cruise & Turns Climbing and Climbing Turns

  - Descend & Descending Turn

  - Disorientation & Recovery

  - Circuit Flying - Rectangle/Square/Circle / Orbit Flying - Figure Of 8

  - Night Flying

  - Abnormal/Emergency Procedures

  - Simulator Test


- Practical Drone Flying

  - Intro To Digital Sky Platform

  - RPAS Familiarization & Safety Briefing

  - Introductory Flight

  - Take – Off Climbing Descending and Maintaining Height

  - Basic Controls Pitch Roll and Yaw

  - Disorientation & Recovery

  - Level Turns in Both Directions

  - Progress Check – Multirotor

  - Climbing And Descending Turns

  - Left And Right Square Circuits

  - Flying In Circles

  - Flying In Figure Of 8

  - Mission Planning & Instrument Flying

  - Auto Mission & Flight

  - Night Flying

  - Abnormal/Emergency Procedures

Practical flying 
  • Skill-Test
  • Documentation on Digital-Sky
  • Issuance of Certificate

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