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Drone Pilot Training Courses in Pune

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Drone Pilot Training in Pune

In the vibrant city of Pune, drone training has emerged as a prominent educational avenue. Pune's diverse geography provides an ideal backdrop for drone enthusiasts to hone their skills. Drone training in Pune offers comprehensive programs, equipping students with essential knowledge in aerial technology, regulations, and practical flying experience. Students learn to navigate Pune's varied terrains, harnessing the power of drones for applications in agriculture, surveying, photography, and beyond. You could opt in to join any of the existing drone training institutes’ batches.

Drone Training Institutes in Pune

Below are the RPTOs that have been approved by DGCA to train and certify aspiring drone pilots in Pune. The list is updated till 29th September 2023.
    36/278, Laxmi Nagar, Near Ambedkar School Pune - 411009, Maharashtra
  • Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
    Plot No P-50, MIDC Industrial Area, Near Baramati Airport Pune - 413133, Maharashtra
  • DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
    Oriental Education Society ITI, Gaud Dara Teh: Haveli Pune - 412205, Maharashtra
    GAT 181, RAO HOUSE, 3HP WAFGAON, Rajgurunagar Khed, Pune, Maharashtra, 410505

Drone Training Considerations in Pune

  • Weather - Pune is home to moderate weather conditions and occasional rains during non-monsoon seasons as well. Drone ground training typically takes place in open areas and hence, monsoon and visibility may impact the training schedule. It is thus advisable to plan in advance for drone training in Pune.
  • Cost - Drone pilot training cost in Pune starts from Rs. 64899. It is best to compare the cost online before enrolling. You could avail attractive discounts on TropoGo as prices may vary across institutes and batches.
  • Trainers - Do ensure that you enrol with DGCA approved drone training institutes only. Approved RPTOs are mandated by law to have certified trainers who can impart the best training in the industry.
  • Community - After completion of the drone training course, you may have queries or want assistance with finding drone pilot jobs. In such circumstances, it would help to have a community of fellow drone pilots and trainers who can guide you through. Try to find if the RPTO would have an active community to join.

FAQs Related To Drone Training in Pune

How much does it cost to become a drone pilot in Pune?
Drone pilot training cost in Pune starts from Rs. 64899.
How do I know where to fly in Pune?
Once you have completed the drone training course, you could check for fly / no-fly zones in Pune by using the TropoGo Drone Maps (Air Sherpa) or download the TropoGo Android or iOS App for ease of access.
Can I take specialised drone training courses in Pune?
Yes. You can check for specialised drone training courses on TropoGo or get in touch with the drone training institutes to know more.
Where do I look for drone jobs in Pune?
After drone training course completion, you can look for drone jobs on TropoGo. You could also join the active community on Whatsapp
Do I need to carry my drone to the drone training institute?
No. The drone training institute will provide one at the training center in Pune.
Can I attend the training classes with a different batch in Pune?
The decision to allow entry to a different batch than the one enrolled, solely lies with the RPTO. Please get in touch with the training institute for queries related to batches.

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