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About Amtron Drone School by EduRade
It is North East India's First Govt. Approved Drone Pilot Training Institute. The campus is spread over acres of lush green land that provides the perfect environment of learning amidst nature. It's a joint initiative of Amtron, Govt. of Assam and EduRade.
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Our Instructors
Capt. Ambuj Verma
Senior Trainer
4 years experience
Capt. Ambuj Verma is a highly skilled and experienced drone pilot and instructor, currently serving as a Small Category Drone Instructor, With a Commercial Pilot's license and a Flight Radio Telephone Operation license from DGCA, as well as an RTR license from the Ministry of Communication and Instrument Rating. His flying experience is impressive, with over 300 instructional hours on small-category drones. His training style is focused on practical applications, with an emphasis on safety and responsible drone use. He leverages his experience in commercial aviation to provide valuable insights and training to his students. He is passionate about promoting the use of drones for various applications, including aerial mapping, surveying, and inspection. He believes that drones have the potential to revolutionize multiple industries, and he is committed to helping his students harness the power of this technology.
Debajit Deka
Senior Trainer
12 years experience
Debajit Deka is a highly skilled drone pilot and instructor, currently serving as a Medium Category Drone Instructor. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Debajit has worked on several projects for reputed organizations like ITC Limited, Skipper Limited, Emami Limited, and Pennwalt Limited, which have equipped him with strong technical skills and expertise. He is proficient in flying survey and mapping drones and has led numerous mapping projects for state and central departments under Swamitva and other state-run schemes. Also, his drone expertise is proficient in performing 2D and 3D CAD design analysis and modeling, PV Elite, and has worked on design and analysis projects for both multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones. Debajit brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to train remote pilots across India. His training style is engaging, hands-on, and focused on practical applications. He is committed to safety and responsible drone use and emphasizes this in all his training sessions.
Biswajit Dey
Senior Trainer
14 years experience
Biswajit Dey is a highly experienced drone pilot and instructor. Currently serving as a Medium Category Drone Instructor, with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and over 14 years of experience in flying fixed-wing unmanned aircraft as an aeromodeller. He has presented numerous aviation papers and has worked on projects for reputed organizations like Airbus. Also has a short tenure in the Indian Army, which has equipped him with valuable skills and knowledge related to military applications of drone technology. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others and believes that drones have the potential to revolutionize various industries. His dedication to providing high-quality training has helped numerous individuals and organizations unlock the potential of drone technology.
Infrastructure & Equipments
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FAQs by Amtron Drone School by EduRade
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