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About DroneAcharya Pune RPTO
DroneAcharya has been one of the fastest growing companies in the drone training sector, as we have now trained more than 170 DGCA Certified pilots in the course of eight months. We have also conducted Non-DGCA Drone Pilot Trainings for multiple Defence o
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Courses by DroneAcharya Pune RPTO
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Our Instructors
Amit Takte
UAV Instructor
22 years experience
Amit Takte is a DGCA Certified Trained UAV Pilot and UAV Pilot Instructor with 7+ years of extensive hands-on experience in the UAV industry. He started his career in the early 2000s as a SAP consultant, and has been a passionate aeromodelling expert for the past 12 years. Acting as an expert technology trainer, and also presenting himself as a mentor for UAV researchers, Amit has helped students and working professionals to build and develop new age solutions with upcoming UAV technologies
Neha Patil
UAV Instructor
6 years experience
Neha has been flying drones for the past 6 years now, with a keen interest in multirotor aircrafts since her college days. She is now one of the very few certified female UAV Pilot Instructors within the country and has completed more than 200 hours of flying as an Instructor.
Anand Jadhav
GIS Expert & Instructor
25 years experience
Anand Jadhav has been an industry insider in the GIS, LiDAR and Surveying industry for more than two decades now. Having started his career in the early 1990s as a CAD professional, he has come a long way and is now the master projects head at DroneAcharya. He is also the Chief Instructor for GIS courses.
Amit Sainy
UAV Builder & Instructor
12 years experience
Amit has graduated in Master's of Technology and has an in-depth knowledge of designing professional aerial robotic GPS, Gyros, and much more. He has also been venturing into Water or Surface crafts that can be controlled Manually or through an auto-pilot system. He has specialised in pitch controlled Rotor crafts throughout his career.
Infrastructure & Equipments
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FAQs by DroneAcharya Pune RPTO
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