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Dronelab Academy is a premier institution offering comprehensive training in drone technology. With expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, it equips students with skills in drone piloting, aerial Inspection, mapping, and Drone Development . Gain hands-on experience and knowledge to excel in the rapidly growing field of drones.
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Our Instructors
Rahul Savaliya
Senior UAV Instructor
7 years experience
Rahul Savaliya holds a certification as a DGCA-Certified Drone Pilot for Small Rotorcraft, showcasing their proficiency in drone piloting and remote aviation. He also have Experience of 1 year as a Drone Coordinator in Kaushalya- The skill University Additionally, He possess in-depth knowledge of Electronics and Electrical Troubleshooting, making them adept at identifying and resolving electronic issues efficiently. His expertise extends to PLC Programming and Interface of devices, indicating their proficiency in programming and configuring programmable logic controllers for automation and control applications. Moreover, He is well-versed in Internet of Things (IoT) and Interface, which allows them to connect and interface various devices to create smart and interconnected systems. His proficiency in circuit designing using Eagle Autodesk showcases their ability to design and layout electronic circuits with precision and accuracy. Additionally, he is also skilled in 3D Printing Technology (FDM), utilizing additive manufacturing techniques for rapid prototyping and production. Furthermore, his expertise extends to operating CNC Routing Machines, enabling them to fabricate intricate and precise designs with ease. When it comes to programming languages, he is well-versed in C, have a solid understanding of the basics of C++, and possess knowledge of Python and Arduino IDE, .
Chintan Parmar
Senior Academic Instructor
3 years experience
Chintan Parmar possess 1 year and 5 months of experience as a Maintenance Engineer at SB Engineering. In addition , he have an 8-month stint as an Apprentice at the National Forensic Sciences University in Gandhinagar, He Has also served as an Electrical Engineer at the National Forensic Sciences University in Delhi for a period of 1 year and 5 months, He hold an Authorized Remote Pilot Certificate, issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, on 02 December 2022,also have been recognized as an Authorized Remote Pilot Instructor by the same authority on 20 December 2022, He also published review paper titled "A Review of an Investigation of Partial Discharge Sources and Locations along the High Voltage Transformer Winding," which appeared in the international research journal of Engineering & Technology, volume 07, issue 02, in February 2020. In addition, he have been granted a Government Approved Electrical Supervisor license on 28 November 2018.
Rivkumar Nehriwala
GIS Expert & Civil Engineer
6 years experience
Riv Nehriwala An Expert with a remarkable background and expertise in various areas related to land survey and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) research and development. He has also established himself as a Land Survey Expert, possessing a wealth of knowledge in the field of surveying and geospatial data. In the realm of UAV research and development, he has shown exceptional proficiency in working with various types of drones, including Quad Copters, VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drones, and more. His in-depth understanding of drone technology and applications allows Him to innovate and contribute significantly to the advancement of UAV systems. With his comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in land surveying and UAV technology, he is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of challenges and contribute to diverse projects in the fields of geospatial data, aerial mapping, and remote sensing.
Mansi Thakar
5 years experience
Mansi Thakar has Conducted Hydrogeology job work for Gujarat Aqua company, including digital logging and log interpretation for boreholes. Collaborated with team members and contributed to effective strategies for groundwater management and conservation. Her Achievements are Founding members of "Environmental Conservation Youth Club,Mahuva" Appointed as an “UN India YuWaah Advocate” in 2022 Accoladed by UNEP‘s Executive director “Inger Enderson” in Youth dialogue session at UNEA-5 (UN Environment Assembly) Recognized by Environment Ministry, Govt. of India among top 5 Plastic Changemakers. (June 2021) UNEP’s Tide Turners Plastic challenge Champion 2021 Honored By Cabinet Environment Minister, Govt. of India in Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav ) Appreciated by Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat for biodiversity conservation Appreciated by Honorable Environment Minister of Gujarat for the initiation of coastal cleanup activity (August 2022) Awarded as Change maker in the field of environment during the event on "Igniting Youth for new India” (August 2022)
Infrastructure & Equipments
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What is DGCA?
DGCA stands for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, a regulatory body responsible for regulating civil aviation in India.
What does "DGCA approved drone" mean?
A DGCA approved drone refers to a drone (Unmanned Aircraft System) that has been certified and authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India, ensuring compliance with safety and operational standards.
What is a dronelab academy?
Dronelab Academy is a subsidiary of Dronelab Technology Private Limited. A drone academy is an educational institution or training center that offers courses and programs related to drone operation and technology. These academies provide comprehensive training to individuals interested in learning how to fly drones safely and legally.
How can I check if a drone is DGCA approved?
You can check the DGCA's official website or consult their list of approved drones to verify if a specific model has received the necessary certification.
Can I fly a non-DGCA approved drone in India?
Flying a non-DGCA approved drone in India is illegal and can lead to serious penalties. It is essential to use only approved drones for commercial or recreational purposes.
Who can attend a drone academy?
Drone academies typically welcome individuals of various backgrounds, including hobbyists, enthusiasts, aspiring professional drone pilots, and businesses seeking to integrate drones into their operations.
Is drone piloting difficult to learn?
The difficulty of learning drone piloting depends on individual aptitude and previous experience with remote-controlled devices. Basic drone flight can be relatively easy to pick up, but mastering advanced techniques and maneuvers may take more time and practice.
How can drone piloting skills be used professionally?
Drone piloting skills can be utilized professionally in various industries, including aerial photography and videography, agriculture, construction, surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, search and rescue operations, and more. The demand for skilled drone operators is increasing as the technology finds applications in diverse fields.