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Agricultural Drones

Tropogo’s Online Skystore has the most comprehensive curation of India’s top-tier agriculture drones from leading manufacturers. We understand how drones are essential for modern precision farming. Our platform is built to cater to your unique farming needs. Spraying, crop monitoring, soil analysis, irrigation management - our curated drones cover every aspect of your agricultural drone operations. Compare & explore our catalogue of agriculture drones to best suit your needs.

Frequently Asked

What should I consider before purchasing an agricultural drone?
Know the drone's purpose and use case, such as crop monitoring or spraying. Check the drone's payload capacity, flight time and range to best suit your agricultural area.
What kind of manufacturer support can I expect?
Research the drone manufacturer's reputation for customer support and warranty policies. A reliable manufacturer ensures prompt assistance in case of technical issues.
Is TC (Type Certified) drone mandatory for agricultural spraying?
As per DGCA, only Type Certified drones are allowed to fly in India. The same is applicable in the case of agri drones as well.
What should I know about battery and charging?
Check the drone's battery type and capacity for sufficient flight time. Consider your charging infrastructure to ensure efficient charging during busy seasons.
Can I use the agriculture drone for other tasks?
Some agricultural drones offer versatility for various tasks like mapping or surveillance. Check if the drone's features align with potential secondary uses.
Which types of agriculture drones are available, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?
Agriculture drones come in various types, such as fixed-wing, multi-rotor, and hybrid models. The best choice depends on your specific use case, field size, and required payload capacity.
What payloads can agriculture drones carry, and which one is suitable for me?
Payload options include cameras, multispectral sensors, LIDAR, thermal imaging, and pesticide sprayers. Select the payload that aligns with your farming objectives, whether it's crop analysis, mapping, or targeted spraying.
Do I need any training or certifications to operate an agriculture drone?
Yes. You need to have an RPC (Remote Pilot Certification) from a DGCA Certified RPTO.
How long can agriculture drones fly on a single charge, and what is their operating range?
Flight time and range vary among drone models. Consider drones with longer flight times and extended ranges for larger agricultural areas. USe TropoGo to compare drone specifications to suit your requirements.
Are there any ongoing maintenance requirements for agriculture drones?
Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal drone performance. Understand the maintenance needs as mentioned by manufacturer to keep the drone in good working condition
Do I need insurance to fly agri drone for spraying?
Yes. Third-party insurance is mandatory by law to fly a drone in India.
Is a battery operated agricultural drone better than petrol variant?
The decision to opt for battery or petrol operated agriculture drone depends on the flying time, charging infrastructure & estimated operational costs.

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