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Kisan Agri Drone V.1
Garuda Aerospace

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Fail Safe features with autonomous and manual flying modes

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Garuda's Agricultural Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that help with agricultural production, crop growth monitoring, and agriculture operations optimization. Farmers hugely benefit from our sensors and digital imaging capabilities that provide precise data. Our drones are also equipped with modern technology like propulsion cameras, infrared cameras, multispectral cameras, GPS and navigation systems, programmable controllers, and automated flight planning. These technological aspects make drones a complete gamechanger for agriculture.

SmallDrone category
24.56 kg Max. take-off weight
7 mins Flight time
Battery Power Source
37 acres/hour Area spraying rate
8 Litres Spray tank
4 No. of Nozzles
N/A Spray width
2 L/Min Spray volume
N/A GPS Accuracy
No On board camers
Yes Terrain Following

As per Drone Rules 2021

It is illegal to fly drones without Third Party Insurance

TropoGo offers a wide range of coverage for this model ranging from Thrird party liability to comprehensive and additional addon covers like Payload Cover, BVLOS Cover, Night Flying and Transit Cover

Cover amount
Third party liability
₹ CustomOn Request
Accidental Damage
₹ CustomOn Request
Comprehensive Cover
₹ CustomOn Request
Transit Cover
₹ CustomOn Request
Payload Cover
₹ CustomOn Request
₹ CustomOn Request
Night Flying Cover
₹ CustomOn Request

Get 100% Damage Protection and Fly Legally


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