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Throttle Aerospace Systems

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Military grade drone equipped with swappable 3 axis gyro stabilized EO/IR ,4k HDR and Thermal payloads

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TALV_TACT is a state-of-the-art small unmanned aerial system that provides exceptional endurance and payload capacity for various surveillance missions. It is designed to be easily and rapidly deployed in any scenario. TALV_TACT comes with a field swappable 3 axis gyro stabilized EO/IR ,4k HDR and Thermal payloads that ensure optimal performance for your mission requirements. This makes it a flexible and multi-functional UAS system. TALV_TACT has a full digital transmission of video and data with AES 256 bits encryption up to 10km with 55 mins of flight time from the portable tablet based handheld controller. This makes it perfect for fast and single person deployment. TALV_TACT is the ultimate UAS system for your mission success.

SmallDrone category
N/A Waiting period
9 kms Operational range
4.7 kg Max. take-off weight
55 mins Flight time
120 mtr Maximum height
Survey & inspection,Defence & MilitaryPurpose

As per Drone Rules 2021

It is illegal to fly drones without Third Party Insurance

TropoGo offers a wide range of coverage for this model ranging from Thrird party liability to comprehensive and additional addon covers like Payload Cover, BVLOS Cover, Night Flying and Transit Cover

Cover amount
Third party liability
₹ CustomOn Request
Accidental Damage
₹ CustomOn Request
Comprehensive Cover
₹ CustomOn Request
Transit Cover
₹ CustomOn Request
Payload Cover
₹ CustomOn Request
₹ CustomOn Request
Night Flying Cover
₹ CustomOn Request

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