About Tropogo


Why Do I need Drone Insurance?

As per notification by the Ministry of Civil Aviation dated 12th March 2021, a valid third party insurance policy is mandatory for any uncrewed aircraft except the Nano class.

Operating an uncrewed aircraft without a valid third party insurance may attract a penalty of Rs. 10000.

Are you Broker, Insurance Intermediary, Corporate Agency, Web Aggregator or an Insurer?

We are neither of the above. We are an integrated drone marketplace that is trying to orchestrate the drone ecosystem in India. We have purchased Aviation Insurance (Drones) from HDFC Ergo (Insurer) which is specially designed for members of TropoGo who are operating Drones. TropoGo members wishing to buy the Third Party Liability coverage for their drones have to enroll and buy this Insurance from TropoGo app.

How do I change my account details?

TropoGo app allows you to change your account details (typos in name, email ID, phone number and address) with a few simple taps. Go to the 'My Profile' section and change/update your account details.

Which devices is TropoGo available on?

TropoGo is available on both iOS and Android devices. Now purchase your drone insurance anywhere, anytime.

Is it possible to cover the drone when it is flying outside India?

Coverage is available only in India, more specifically as opted by the member while buying Insurance. Kindly note that at the time of claim you will have to prove that you had the necessary permit to fly a particular geographical area.

Why do I Need to Upload my flight logs?

The easiest way is to keep your flight logs updated on the TropoGo app so that you can access them even when you don't have your drone. You will need access to your flight logs when submitting an insurance claim.

What type of information does TropoGo store about me?

TropoGo only stores information that will help us provide sustainable solutions in a short span of time. TropoGo never stores any sensitive data.

TropoGo stores:

  • Your Mobile number
  • Your registered email ID
  • Your drone make & model
  • Your flight history & logs (If you provide)
  • Location and time of flight, (For hourly coverage only)
  • Your claim history for the last three (3) years
  • Your OAN & DAN
  • Details of coverages purchased on our App

Your card details are directly sent to our payment partner Razorpay, who issue us a payment token that helps us verify that the payment was made by you.

For further details, go through our privacy policy.

Are my card details secure?

TropoGo does not store your card details. Your card details are directly sent to our payment partner Razorpay.

How do I view my Certificate of Insurance?

As soon as you purchase coverage on the TropoGo app, your Certificate of insurance document will be sent to your registered email ID. You can also refer your coverage details any time on the TropoGo app.

  • Simply log into the TropoGo app
  • Go to 'My Insurance Certificate' in the menu for complete details

What is the measurement of the flight area I am insured in?

As per DGCA Guidelines, Drones are not allowed to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). TropoGo defines the flight area as the actual area of insurance. We measure it your Current Location+ 500 Meters. This will be visually displayed on your app with a Blue circles.

But don't forget to check the DGCA guidelines, and always ensure that your drone is in your line of sight.

How do I make a complaint or give a feedback?

At TropoGo we try our best to provide you with the highest quality of service. However, if you wish to raise a concern or provide a feedback about our services, you can write to us at sandipan@tropogo.com or call us on +91 6291148886.

We will try our best to resolve your concern.