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Drone Training

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Types of Drone Training Courses


DGCA Certified Training - Kickstart your Drone Career

To Operate Legally as a Commercial Drone Pilot In India you must Take Remote Pilot Training from DGCA Authorised Remote Pilot Training Organisations (RPTO). To get this course, you should be at-least 12th grade pass-out, hold an Indian Passport and have a medical fitness certificate. See course description for course schedule, syllabus and other details.


Drone Design & Drone Building

Learn the complex topics and theories behind building a Drone. Learn the science behind Drones, the mechanical and electronic components that are used and how they interact with each other. Get in-depth knowledge about motors, electronic speed controllers, receivers, transmitters, and much more.


Professional Agricultural Drone Pilot

Drones are used in agriculture for pesticide spraying, seed dropping, crop health monitoring, field & soil analysis, and much more. You can also use it for your own farmlands, or get contracts for spraying other's farms or get a job as an agricultural drone specialist.

DGCA Certified Agri Drone Pilots are in High Demand.On Average AgriDrone Pilot earns around ₹ 50,000/month


Survey Drone Pilot

India Needs, 1 Lakh Certified Drone Pilot by 2025. The best way for someone to learn drone surveying is to actually do it! Learn how to use your Drone for Land Mapping and Surveying.

The specialization courses are designed to impart the primary knowledge to successfully plan for drone flight operations to capture land mapping data for orthomosaics, 3D models, detailed 3D maps and how to process all of the data.


Drone Masterclass for Content Creators

Learn everything you need, to perform the best and safest flights, to become a professional drone pilot in India. Learn how to set up your drone safely and correctly and make sure that you understand the camera settings that will enable you to shoot better video footage with your drone.

This Curriculum is designed for people who have little to no experience flying a drone. It's designed for people who want to take their skills to the next level and start to produce video content with their drone that looks like it was shot professionally.


Aerial Cinematography

Learn how to fly your drone to create a cinematic feel. Master the skills to turn an ordinary everyday drone still into an image that has spectacular visual impact.

  • Understanding the camera settings.
  • Understanding Lighting
  • Colour Grading
  • Enhancing Skills
  • Editing.
  • Common Mistakes.


Drone Data Processing

In India Drones are being deployed extensively. Drones are used for mapping urban areas, rapid surveys, building 3D city models, monitoring infrastructure projects, mining etc. Skilled manpower on Drone data processing has huge demand in India.

Learn fundamentals concepts of Drone Data Processing, LiDAR technologies, Photogrammetry along with hands on exercise on software tools, Data formats, Error analysis, Data processing-concepts and issues, Information extraction, feature extraction, Integration with spectral data, 3D city model generation, data format conversion, visualisation, accuracies, point classification, DEM generation, contour generation, feature extraction like building, powerline and trees, Integration of LiDAR, Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4d and 123D Catch etc.


Become a Mission Ready Drone Pilot- through Specialized courses.

Industry Use Case specific Drone Pilot training is offered by Leading RPTOs to empower experienced commercial drone pilots to build confidence and competency to conduct complex, industry-specific missions.

Specialized Programs particularly suited to oil and gas, critical asset industrial inspection, Police & public safety sectors, Indian Railways, Telecom Sector, etc.


FPV & Drone Racing courses

In recent years FPV drones & Drone Racing have exploded in popularity, be it for cinematic filming, racing, or just as a hobby – it has never been a better time to get involved.India’s best Drone Institutes offer FPV & Drone Racing courses that will give you a Learn valuable theoretical and practical foundation from India’s Best Drone Training Institutes. The courses are aimed to cover the basics and get you in the air as fast as possible in a safe and controlled manner.


Students & Kids

Are you a School or College looking for an exciting, engaging and practical hands-on lesson with the latest in tech?

Get in touch with India’s Best Drone training Institutes to design a bespoke course to your students on how to built, programme and fly these incredible drones.