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Drone Training

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Who Can Get Drone Training



Primary class students can take “Drone Courses for Kids”. Students in college, engineering and industrial courses can take DGCA certification flying courses, technical courses and GIS and Python courses.



Beginners and hobbyists and take up basic flying courses or aerial cinematography courses. once you have some experience in drone flying, you can go for a DGCA Certification flying course.


New Pilots

if you are a new pilot, you can probably go for a DGCA Certification flying course if already not licensed. If you are licensed then you can look for survey, agricultural or cinematography courses to get specialised training in a particular field. You can also look for technician course oor a Python for GIS course too increase your skill set.



If you are a technician or a mechanical engineer, you can look into technical courses to add to your skills or even look for Python for GIS courses to expand your skillset.


Content Creators

Content creators can goo for an aerial cinematography course to learn best ways & practices to capture aerial footage. As a content creator you can also check DGCA certification flying courses to legally fly drones.


Experienced Pilots

If already not licensed, all pilots must go for a DGCA certification Flying course including experienced pilots. If already licensed, you can look for industrial courses like survey or agricultural courses to expand your services. You can also look for technical courses to expand your skillset.


Software Developers

Software developers can look for Python courses or similar coding courses that help proceeds the drone data for GIS, volumetric analysis, big data analysis and more cloud based applications