Drones made in India,
made for the World!

Drones made in India,
made for the World!

List of all NPNT Drones registered under DGCA

Lookout VTOL Lite

  • By Throttle Aerospace
  • TropoGo partnered
  • Pre-approved model for insurance


Drone category Micro
Maximum height 400 ft.
Max. take-off weight 2 kg

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FAQs related to NPNT Drones

What is NPNT (No Permission No Take-off)?

NPNT stands for the rule called “No Permission – No Take-off”. It is an integral part of legal drone flight in India. It is a software program that enables every drone (except Nano)to obtain valid permission through Digital Sky platform before operating in India. To understand all the categories of Drones in terms of their weight, refer to the above presented specifications of NPNT registered drones under DGCA or visit Digital Sky Platform here.

What is the significance of having a NPNT drone?

So, let us make it simple for you:

Firstly, drones and all are cool, but we need to keep in mind that they come in all shapes and sizes (Nano, Micro, Small, Medium & Large Drones) and this could possess a security threat for the surrounding you fly them in.

Secondly, we always say #flysafe #flyhigh #flybindaz but with responsibility, so to regulate drones properly the DGCA mandates that there should be no drones in red zones and no-go areas like within 5km of airports, military facilities and within 5km of Vijay Chowk in Delhi.

So, let’s say you breach the geo-fencing, don’t worry your drone won’t get shot down. The inbuilt software will compel the drone to return-to-home (RTH) if your drone is NPNT compliant. Isn’t that cool?

How is NPNT monitored?

No Permission No Takeoff is new concept all over the world for controlling UAV usage and traffic management, some countries also call it COA (certificates of authorization). To make it easier for the drone pilots DGCA India has its Digital Sky platform. The pilots have to register themselves (with UAOP) and the drone (with UIN) and then install a mobile app to get permission for each flight just before flying. Click here to visit Digital Sky Platform.

How does a pilot get registered to Digital Sky Platform?

Simply follow these steps and you can easily get onboarded on the platform:

  • User installs the Digital Sky App provided by DGCA
  • Submit the pilot registration number with all the details of the pilot
  • Submit UAV/drone UIN number with all the details
  • Request for permission before flying
  • UIN, UAOP and the current location is transmitted to the server
  • The server checks whether its green zone, yellow zone or red zone
  • Checks for other exceptional entries for no permission and the UIN, UAOP validity
  • If everything seems OK then the permission is sent with a notification to the user app

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